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Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps

Jakim Pumps Manufacturers of Hydraulically Operated Single Diaphragm Type and Double Diaphragm type metering pump for suitable service conditions involving hazardous toxic, radio active or poisonous liquid where product leakage is not at all permitted. The Diaphragm is hydraulically actuated and has a long life as it is always in hydraulic balance, with the liquids being pumped on one side and actuating fluid on the opposite side. Its function is basically that of a partition. The diaphragm material is usually Teflon. The system is safety guarded by a in built Relief Vacuum Combancity Valve on the hydraulic side. For very severe duty conditions or when handling slurry or hot liquids, double diaphragm and remote heads can be provided.

The Company also manufactures Plunger Type Metering Pump for non hazardous liquids, steam jacketed plunger type metering pump for molten liquid, remote head type metering pump for hot liquids. The Range includes high precision positive displacement pump conforming to API 675. Typical application for our pumps are useful for accurate dosing and mixing of acids, alcoholics, slurries, viscous liquids etc. They are used in Chemicals Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Soap Plant, Paper Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Thermal Power Projects, and Plastic Industries.

Our range covers everything from the single pump to a completed automated Metering dosing system and comprises of plunger and diaphragm pump with metering range from various capacity and pressure from two to fifteen thousand LPH. pump can be offered in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, and Multiple Heads, handling for different chemicals with a common Motor. Each head would have independent connection and capacity of each head can be also independently adjustable. The pump discharge is variable while pump is running or at rest from Zero (0%) to full stork (100%) by means of a precision machined Crank equipped with a stork length adjustment mechanism. The Stork of the pump controlled either Manually (Local or Automatic Electrically (Remote) 4 to 20 MA. Wetted parts can be offered in S.S. 316 or 304, Carbon Steel, PVC, P.P. Teflon VDF, Alloy 20, Hastalloy B or C. Titanium etc.